3 sure ways to listen to podcast at ease in Ghana

If you still don’t know what a podcast is you can check out our recent post on what a podcast it.

Great we now believe everyone reading this understands what a podcast is, but keep in mind not all podcasts are audio some come as videos just like The Talk Radio engineered by iSpace Foundation.

Check out one of their episodes

But this post is mainly about audio podcast and considering the nature of Ghana and how our ecosystem works as a team these are our sure 3 best ways you can consume podcast in Ghana at ease.

  1. Doing your chores at Home

This is the time of the day in most of our lifes that sometimes seems boring if you aren’t really enjoying the chore but you can spice up the activity by adding a favour of a Ghanaian podcast.

The advantage is you will be killing two birds with a stone and more over depending on the podcast you will be listening to you can get super motivated to get the job done real quick.

Try that and let us hear from you.

2. At work

This might look/sound odd but hey! What do you do when you have some few minutes at the office?

These minutes can be used to listen to Ghanaian podcast where you have a deeper connection with the podcast and gain new knowledge.

There should be days in Ghanaian corporate history where CEO’s will have Podcasts Networks design either talk/music podcast customized to boast efficiency at work places where whiles you work, you listen to that good music/talk podcast to keep the vibe going.

3. In your Car

The last time we checked most of us listen to just talk radio whiles driving or sometimes music, but we can be adding value to our lives each and everyday by listening to podcast the motivates us and brings the best out of us whiles we drive to work or back homes.

And if you don’t have a car yet you can also listen to podcast especially when you are in traffic in trotro/taxi, sometimes it gets very boring. You can spice it up with a good podcast.

We hope you shared some insight, you can direct questions and suggestions to our facebook page or tweet at us #GhanaPodcasts.