Ghana Tech Digest [Nov 26, 2017]



Vodafone X is 3 years! #ShakeForXtra on your phone to get free rewards
 Help Ivy Barkley Win $100,000 in the Kwese Inc #GOGETTAZ Competition
 Tech In Ghana Conference Opens at Accra Digital Centre
 Ghana seeks to host AU space centre
 MEST launches Lagos, Cape Town incubator spaces
 Government committed to promote local technology entrepreneurs
 Ghana is the new golden opportunity for Danish eco-tech and food businesses
 Video — Tech In Ghana Conference Recap
 Health Ministry introduces ‘folderless system’
 Event: Presenting The Blockchain Hackathon 2018
 mPharma Raises $6.6 million in a Series A Funding Round
 Gov’t To Focus On Tech., Maths And Engineering At Basic Level
 Government to introduce computer programming in education curricula
 GMABC boss urges social entrepreneurs to use technology to boost businesses


Support STEMBees; Donate towards STEM Education for 200 girls
 Friday Camp Is A Social Networking App Built Around Groups
 How It Started: Flippy Campus
 What Keeps You Small…
 How iCode’s New Coworking Space Will Nurture Takoradi’s Startups
 Amma Gyampo: The Woman Jumpstarting African Startups
 The quest for an African Silicon Valley
 An Agricultural Revolution in the Offing for Ghana through ICT, Innovation and Technology
 #CITITRENDS S03 EP 29: API-Driven Government-Led Innovation
 #CITITRENDS S03 EP 30: Coding for the disabled in Ghana & The Quarter Tech Review
 Technology And The Human Body Working Together
 ICT Insight IoT: the evolution smart systems (I)
 The Medical Education System in Africa — Change Not Continuity
 Space Technology Can Help Improve Sanitation
 A startup disrupting the prescription drug business in Africa is getting major Silicon Valley support


Ghana Tech Calendar


UI/UX Designer at Visual Insight
 Product Manager at Hubtel
 Android Developer at Hubtel
 National Service Personnel at EDEL Technology Consulting


Nestmetric — AI-powered Customer Retention Software for SaaS Companies

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