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Who are you?

Hey there, my name is Ghilia. I’m a student by day and investor, blockchain enthusiast and aspiring product manager by night. When I’m not busy writing article and making trades (and studying I guess, but who has time for that anyway), I like to design and develop MVPs (Minimum Viable Products).

Which school are you going to?

I’m currently enrolled at Vanier College in the Computer Science and Mathematics pre-university program, in Montreal,QC. After 2 years, I plan on going to university in Computer Science (Stanford, hook me up with a scholarship b!), so stay tuned until more gets added here.

What do you do?

My main hobby is finding ways to make money and building different streams of income. I do this several ways:

  • I Invest in cryptocurrencies like ETH, OMG, DNT, SNT and AST.
  • I was a Community Manager at AirSwap. My job entailed writing content for AirSwap and answering questions and doing community outreach on Reddit.
  • I also like building MVPs in my spare time in order to work on my product management/building skills. I usually give myself time and money constraints (must be built in a few hours with no initial investment) to make the challenge interesting and force myself to come up with a truly creative and minimal solution.
  • I share everything I do on my Instagram page. The reason I do this is to give people a “behind the scenes” look into what it’s like building up several passive income streams for yourself. By documenting everything on Instagram, my followers can see the times where I’ve been successful, the times I’ve failed and the times where I was simply lucky.
  • I do in depth coverage of what I do on my blog. I share How-To guides on generating secondary income, building MVPs and I share my own thoughts about emerging technologies as well.
  • I’m always open to new partnerships and consulting opportunities so feel free to hit me up by email : ghiliaweld@gmail.com

You mentioned something about building MVPs. What have you built?

I’ve tried to start many services, from newsletter services to an agency for building MVPs. A lot of them have failed, but the lessons I learned while building them are invaluable.

By far, the side project I’m proud of the most is a subreddit I helped create called r/tokentrade. Tokentrade is a subreddit that operates as a makeshift decentralized ERC20 token exchange. What that means is that you can post orders via the 0x OTC Dapp on the subreddit and if someone likes your offer they can chose to fill your order. It’s an easy, safe and decentralized way to trade tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. Our subreddit even got featured in an article on ETHNews (featuring several quotes by yours truly). What I love the most about this project was the fact that it took just a few minutes to get up and running and it’s widespread use was almost immediate. We really hit the nail on this one, product-market fit wise.

Check out my Product Hunt profile to see more side projects that I’ve made.

Wanna get in touch? Hit me up by email (ghiliaweld@gmail.com) or Twitter.

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    Ghilia’s personal blog. I write a lot about my experiments (mostly ways to make money) and my thoughts on blockchain tech. If you’re looking for some interesting How-To articles check out my “Let’s Hack” series.

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