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Your USB 3.0 Hub is killing your WiFi (some of them), yes

Some months ago I bought an Anker USB 3.0 Data Hub and it worked beautiful. Then I moved to a new place and suddenly it stopped working. Not the hub but my internet. Why? What happened? I worried it was a new update on MacOS so I checked on the internet and waited. And checked again and waited some more. The thing was this: when I connected it to my Macbook my WiFi dropped, right away. Sometimes it would connect beautiful when I was at a Starbucks or somewhere else, but at home it would just drop. I thought it was something with the hub and stopped using it. Then one day I started checking again on the internet and found this post on

This is the one I found and convinced myself, somehow it was this what it was happening.

Makes sense, something wrong about connection to earth on the unibody chassis, tho it wasn't happening before but who knows, right? Sounds like it's what it should be happening…

Then I got my new MacBook this weekend. I bought an adaptor for the USB-C to USB-3.0 and connected it at home and it worked. I guess it was true, I said to myself. The older MacBook had something wrong hardware-level. Now I'm out-of-home and connected the hub again and guess what: it failed. What am I doing wrong?! I started looking for other Anker hubs which would be USB-C instead of having the adaptor, maybe those won't fail but to my surprise, the reviews says it fails. Yeah, connecting the USB hub to the MacBook makes the WiFi fails.

Then I start to think: I changed my WiFi from 2.4Ghz to 2.4Ghz/5Ghz 2 weeks ago, and it worked. What I'm connected to right now?

Boom. Started to search "USB 3 interference 2.4Ghz" and guess what: there's a paper about this by Intel from 2012. 20 fucking 12!

Solutions? Use 5Ghz band on your WiFi or just stop using your USB3.0 device, it looks like the paper hasn't been read by Apple yet and they don't know how to mitigate.




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