Tracking Relevant Ship Movements

Thanks to the work of reader Kirk Pettinga and the folk at, we have gained access to a database of geolocation data for ships moving around the Mediterranean on June 28 and June 29, 2014—the days when the Ghost Boat was supposed to sail.

This is nearly 250,000 lines of data, tracking the location of registered vessels moving through the area of interest—a box between Libya, Tunisia and Italy.

If you have GIS, mapping, or maritime experience it would be valuable to understand what this data could be used for—and perhaps use it to run simulations or sort in useful ways.

Options might include: Looking for vessels that could have intersected with the Ghost Boat; Looking for blind spots where a fishing boat could have remained undetected; Cross-referencing movements with satellite photography.

But don’t let us limit you.

Download the file here

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