GhostMarket announces Public IDO on Flamingo.Finance

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3 min readDec 30, 2021


Following a successful twelve months as a multi-chain NFT marketplace and the successful completion of a 2M USD Strategic & Private fund raising rounds, GhostMarket is delighted to announce that we will be undertaking our Initial DEX Offering (IDO) on Flamingo.Finance.

The IDO will start on Monday January 10th, 2022.

To read Flamingo’s article about their new IDO platform, follow this link.

GhostMarket token will be known as $GM, and has a total supply of 100M tokens, shared across all blockchains we currently support (5 at the moment), and is swappable between all of them through an in-house swap website:

The token logo, slightly similar to GhostMarket logo is shown below.

In announcing the IDO, CEO of GhostMarket Vincent Geneste said :

We are delighted to be partnering with Flamingo.Finance to offer our loyal GhostMarket users the opportunity to participate in our IDO in early January. We expect demand to be very high and for the token to sell out quickly.

Geneste confirmed that the IDO price of $GM will be $0.13, with two million (2,000,000) tokens to be sold during the IDO.

At IDO date, circulating supply will be around 5.15M tokens.

In addition to announcing the IDO on Flamingo.Finance, Geneste indicated that GhostMarket’s Governance site has also been launched, which will give people an understanding of all the information they need to decide to participate. Click the link below to view the website.

To stay up to date, join our email list to receive information on GhostMarket and our token sale. Further details will be released in the coming days.

Next Steps

We will be releasing step by step guides on how to participate in the IDO in the next couple days, so stay tuned for that!

As soon as the IDO completes, $GM will be available for everyone to trade in a pool on Flamingo (more details to be announced), and will be listed on various exchanges shortly after.

Pre-Launch Contest

We will be hosting a pre-launch contest and full details will be advertised soon.

This is an exciting time for GhostMarket and its users and we can’t wait to share further details with you in the new year.

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