Introducing User Profiles


One of our most requested feature upgrades has been User Profiles. Today we are excited to announce that you can now directly manage your own cross-chain profile.

In doing so, we become the FIRST NFT marketplace to allow profiles to be cross chain. This means that your profile can be tied to multiple addresses, that will be displayed for each chain you buy, sell or mint on. Other platforms require you to have one profile per address, at GhostMarket your profile will be used across multiple addresses AND multiple chains.

The roll out of User Profiles will enable you to:

1. Create your own profile username and title

2. Add a custom banner and avatar

3. Add a bio/description about you and your art

4. Add social profile links for

  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Facebook

5. Add a link to your website

6. Connect all of your wallets to your profile, so the information only needs to be entered (or updated) once

7. Soon, adding a contact email address will be activated. We will let you know when the feature is active.

Want to stop being seen as ‘anonymous’ when you mint, buy or sell an NFT?

Follow these steps to getting your own User Profile set up today!

1. Create your profile

Once your first wallet is connected in GhostMarket, it will ask you to create your user profile.

Click Create User Profile to begin.

2. Select a username and title

When creating your profile, a unique username will be autogenerated for you based on your address, which you can then change.

However, you can select a username and a title of your choosing.

Your username is between 3 and 32 characters but cannot contain a space or uppercase letters.

Your username will be used in your GhostMarket URL.

If you enter a name in the ‘Title’ section, you can include spaces and upper/lowercase letters.

Your Title will be what appears on your NFT listing page.

If you do not enter a ‘Title’ we will use your username as your user name on our site.

3. Add a Custom Banner and Avatar

In this section of the profile, you are able to add your own banner image and avatar.

These can be pieces of your work, or a logo if you have one.

If you do not upload anything in this section, the generic GhostMarket ones will be automatically used, like those shown below.

4. Add a bio/description about you and your art

In this section you can add up to a 500-word description about you and the art you produce. If you do not fill out this section it will remain blank.

4. Add Social Media profile links for

  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Facebook

Add the URLs to your social media profile pages. We currently support Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook.

In the future, will be adding other social profiles such as Spotify and links to other marketplaces too.

5. Add a Link to your website

If you have a website, place the URL here.

6. Connecting all your wallets.

When you connect your wallets to your profile, all wallets on all chains will display your user profile information. Whether you mint, buy or sell, the information you enter will be used across all of them.

Saving your profile

Click the ‘update profile’ button under your bio, to update all the information you have entered.

Your New User Profile

When completed your new user profile settings should look something like this.

Your displayed new user profile will look something like this.

The date shown as your ‘joined’ date, will be the month and year you created your profile.

By having a user profile, when you mint an NFT your user name will be shown next to your chosen avatar image.

Deleting Your Profile

If you wish to delete your GhostMarket profile, you must first unlink ALL wallets, leaving only the ‘master’ wallet (which was the one you first signed in with to create your profile) and when only that wallet remains, you can click the red ‘delete profile’ button on the bottom right.

After clicking ‘delete profile’ it will ask you to confirm the transaction using your wallet.

Once you have done this, all information will be deleted.

Verified Artist — Blue Tick

To become a verified GhostMarket artist, there is an additional process, and we will shortly be providing a link to a form for artists (who meet additional criteria) to request to be verified.

Verified artists will also have their own ‘Artist Page’, which has a different look to an unverified artist.

Coming Soon

Over the next few months, we will be adding additional features to our User Profiles, these include the ability to:

  • ‘like’ an artist
  • ‘follow’ an artist
  • display the number of ‘followers’ your profile has
  • display the number of profiles you are ‘following’
  • filter profiles by ‘most liked’ or ‘most followed’
  • aggregation of ‘likes’ for all your artwork combined
  • add an email address — so you will receive notification emails from GhostMarket when someone places a bid on your NFT or if you buy or sell one.

We are very excited to be bringing our users one of the most unique features in the NFT space.

We love it and we hope you do too!

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