The Three Kinds of Project Manager

1. Process PMs — Rigidly adhere to the mechanics of a methodology. Inflexible and dogmatic. Useful in organizations which are also rule-bound, but usually in less high-level roles. Often found guiding PMOs.
2. Political PMs — Process is religion to this sort and they are fervent agnostics. They see process as a means to an end, not the ends in itself. Useful in high-pressure and “dynamic” environments.
3. Pseudo PMs — Probably best seen as another name for what is also called a “Project Coordinator”. Usually junior or simply not temperamentally suited to be one of the first two types. Useful to follow standard workflows but prone to sloppiness which is not calculated or tactical. Best on projects of low priority or in environments which are very “static”.
Which “P” are YOU?

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