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Ghost Trader — A Bright Light In The Darkness

The world seems to keep getting more complex by the day. More volatility, less predictability, overwhelming worry about the future — these conditions represent the newest new normal. If anything, the current state of affairs and the quickness with which that state seems to change appears to be, in itself, the real new normal. To put it more succinctly, the new normal is abnormal.

The Bears Are On The Loose

Let us take a brief accounting of the economic climate as it stands today compared to Ghost Trader’s official beginning. Since December, 2021, a great deal has changed in the market landscape. We no longer find ourselves waiting for confirmation of a bear market. That train has already left the station, and most retail markets are struggling to keep up. At the FOMC meeting tomorrow, Chairman Powell will likely announce a 50 basis point (BP) increase in the Fed Rate, signaling a hawkish outlook by the Federal Reserve itself with respect to inflation in the near term. That is not exactly a heartening development for bullish continuation to see us through the end of this year.

Between the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the suffocating supply chain issues impeding the entire global economy, and the accelerating rate of inflation, the outlook has steadily descended into short term bleakness. The Fear and Greed Index (FGI) has descended to the upper 20s from the mid-40s over the past month. The absence of volume in both equities and digital assets seems to forbear a potential secular reversal anytime soon.

A Bright Light In The Darkness

The Ghost Trader project has also witnessed its own share of new developments. By contrast, though, Ghost Trader’s outlook stands as considerably more optimistic. The month of May marks the beginning of Ghost Trader’s sixth month as an active project. In that period of time, the Ghost Trader himself and his gifted team of traders have managed to post gains for the fifth straight trading period, amounting to a compounded rate of return of 40.433%. Over the past 5 months, while the US equities market has shed more than 10% of its total value and Bitcoin has plummeted around 25%, Ghost Trader has posted an unbroken string of positive returns every month.

In addition to our exceptional performance over such an otherwise underwhelming stretch of time, the Ghost Trader team has initiated one of the most long-awaited new mechanics under the new tokenomics protocol. As of May 1, 2022, the GTR monthly lockup has begun. The project has now officially become a deflationary asset by design.

Promises Kept

Last month, the team confirmed that $GTR would morph into a deflationary asset from May 1st onward. By moving tokens accrued from the buy and sell fees built into the token into the new locked wallet, each month will see the total supply of $GTR tokens inexorably diminish in number. As outlined in the new whitepaper published recently, two million (2M) $GTR tokens have been moved to a dedicated UNICRYPT wallet for April. This wallet can be found here.

As per our new tokenomics structure, this monthly lockup will continue until 94% of the total original supply of $GTR tokens has been locked. Currently, there are a total of 11,497,756 tokens locked, accounting for 11.49% of the total circulation, with the next lockup scheduled for June 1st.

The Takeaway

The point here is simple. The market has become mired in what promises to be a period of potentially extreme pain and difficulty, especially for retail participants. The risks will continue to multiply while most people try to prepare once it is already too late. Index funds will not save you. Stocks will not save you. Bonds will not save you. Most other digital assets will not save you, either. Ghost Trader, however, allows its holders to rest easy.

Ghost Trader will continue to bridge the divide, to provide the new standard against which all serious DeFi and FinTech projects must be measured. The Ghost Trader team provides the greatest utility possible, informed by the utmost clarity of purpose, empowered by superlative skill. With the consistent rewards continuously generated by our eminently accomplished and successful trading team, Ghost Trader provides solace in an otherwise tumultuous market environment. Once the world recognizes this project for what it is — to borrow a famous quote — your only regret is not having gotten more. Join us. Together, we will change finance, and the world.

Be sure to stay tuned to this space moving forward for updates and further deeper explanations of the Ghost Trader project. In the meantime, we invite you to check out our official Ghost Trader website, join us either on Telegram or Discord, and follow us on Twitter.



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