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Giant Leap’s impact calculator for startups and VC investors

Releasing Giant Leap’s impact calculator and benchmarks that we use to compare impact opportunities as part of our screening process.

The comparison challenge of impact investing

Impact investing is the practice of allocating capital to maximise both beneficial outcomes for people and the planet alongside financial returns.

Navigating impact assessment

To navigate the question, Giant Leap developed an impact calculator that is built upon the principles of the Impact Management Project Framework and inspired by the work of Tripple, an impact family office.

  • What — tells us the positive outcome the enterprise is contributing to and how important the outcome is to stakeholders.
  • Who — tells us which stakeholders are benefitting from the outcome and how underserved they are in relation to the outcome (noting that the ‘who’ could also be the environment).
  • How Much — tells us the scale, depth and duration of the outcome created by the enterprise.
  • Contribution — tells us whether an enterprise’s and/or investor’s efforts resulted in outcomes that were likely better than what would have occurred otherwise.
  • Risk — tells us about the risk of unintended consequences and/or the likelihood that the impact will be different than expected.

Giant Leap’s impact calculator

We’re releasing this calculator with the hope that you can use it, improve on it, and share your thoughts.

  • For startups, we are assessing their potential future impact. That means when answering questions, we look ahead 5–7 years and try to imagine the possible impact at that point in time.
  • Impact scoring is a highly subjective process and other people’s judgments (including the Giant Leap team’s), may differ from yours.
  • We expect it to be very unlikely to score close to 300 for a startup, so don’t be discouraged! The highest score for our portfolio is around the 240 mark.
  • For best results, share the calculator with one or more people in the team so you can compare your answers and interrogate the assumptions behind those answers.‍



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