Surging Enamel Pins, Monsterous Toys and Pioneering Creators

Designer Con 2016 featured 350 vendors from around the world and thousands of visitors who flocked the Pasadena Convention Center for a weekend of combing aisles of treasures. This year marked the fourth year for the Giant Robot booth and we featured a range of art, gear, and enamel pins. The term “exclusive” gets thrown out a lot and almost everything we brought was unique to us.

This year, I was afforded the time to comb through the aisles and this year was the power of enamel pins. These were everywhere. Next was the return of kaiju. It never exactly left but the legendary creators from Japan like Punk Drunkers, Real Head, and Gargamel sold everything out in the first hours. It turns out that Designer Con is their only American appearance and Comic Con is far in their rear view mirror. In fact, Designer Con is the central market for all things “designer toys” and anything near it.

Here’s a set of photos that show what was out there. It begins at the Giant Robot Booth. Thanks to all who attended and all who vended.

The Giant Robot booth featured our own lines of enamel pins, Take a Penny Co, Pepe the Frog plush, our caps, works by Yoskay Yamamoto, Sean Chao, Luke Chueh and Katsuya Terada.
Yoskay Yamamoto was our special guest. He signed and sketched for people.
Yukari from FlatBonnie and kozyndan or “Dan and Kozy”
Lofa from Hawaii visited as did Brian and Kevin Luong. That’s a Mark Nagata custom Eyezon
Pieces by Leecifer, DrilOne, and Candie Bolton
Dean Gojobori at the Giant Robot Booth
Susuten, TeenoEvil, and Eddy Lee
7 Sketches, Coop, and Amanda Vissell
Jesse Hernandez, Enky SKulls, and Aaron Woes
Brain Farting on her name but her work rocks, Billy Galaxy, and Koji Harmon
Gargamel, Punk Drunkers, and Naomi Romero who made cute Corgis
Joey Stupor and Enfu
Wrong Ron Chang, Joemm Chubby Boob and Bigfoot