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A Day in Rotterdam

December 28th, 2018

Photo by Rik van der Kroon on Unsplash
  • Rotterdam was one of the more unexpectedly modern cities I have been to. It felt very new, because, well, it is! Most of the city was destroyed during World War II so everything you see has been constructed relatively recently (especially compared to the rest of Holland). We came to Rotterdam from Amsterdam (en route to Belgium). The train ride is not bad at all!
  • We basically had 8 hours to spend in Rotterdam and hoped to make the most of it. It was quite windy/cold while we were there, but we walked all around the city and probably covered 5–6 miles during our time.
  • The first (and imo best) thing we did in Rotterdam was head to the “Markthal” — a market located in the center of the city! Not sure if pictures quite do the structure justice, as it is one of the more impressive modern buildings I have ever seen/been in. It is buzzing with energy.
  • The food inside is amazing! There are tons of restaurants and things to snack on…from all different ethnicities and cultures..we decided to eat some really tasty mediterranean food.
  • We then went and checked out these cube houses (to be honest was not that cool, but located right next to the market).
  • There are lots of interesting bridges and buildings splashed throughout the city. Unlike Amsterdam, there are no canals, but rather one big body of water. Rotterdam holds the largest port in all of Europe!
  • We went up to a rooftop bar (just some random hotel) and hung out for a while (at this point we were quite exhausted from our time in Amsterdam and just walking around all day).
  • We ended our time in Rotterdam eating some really good french fries (of which there is plenty in Holland).

Overall thoughts

  • The architecture in the city was really impressive, not too much to do there but felt like I could live there!




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