I believe complain is a habit. Over the years, you have been “taught” to or you have seen people complaining about their lives, about others’ behaviors, about the traffic snarl, about politics and corruption, about the non-understanding nature of people around you and how everything bad happens to you because someone else “wanted” it to happen.

What if we could trick our mind to de-complain? Instead of saying:

“My mother in law never allows me to do what I want. She is always bossing around.”

“My co-worker is nasty. He takes away all the credit of the good work I do.”

“I am hurt. I trusted you a lot…I can never trust anyone again.”

What if we could say:

“My mother in law is helping me better my communication skills.”

“The one thing I would like to change in my co-worker is…”

“I am having trust issues since that incident. Could you help me get over it?”

With this, chances are, it will make you a happier person. And give others a chance to really help you out.

Next time, de-complain. :)