You are what you share

Four years ago, when I started sketching this form of art (which Ishan & I call Gibberish), I felt skeptical whether people will like or even understand what I am upto. I had drawn almost 200 such cards when I thought I should perhaps show it to some of my friends who might appreciate such stuff.

They liked it. In fact, loved it. My initial set of drawings were on a business card size thick paper. Eventually I made them digital.

Even now when I am sharing this, it is unnerving. Will you like it? Will people judge me? Will they share it? Is this really something that I should put up here? Is it meaningful? Because sharing what I believe is taking a stand. And that isn’t easy. All these questions and more go through my mind.

But sharing is magical. I think that’s why social media is a huge thing. There is something different in sharing what you create. It’s like a piece of your life out for everyone to see. And resonate. And liked. And recognised.

Though I believe, a lot of us share things because they move us. They tickle a thought which we love having and would want others to have.

Sharing an idea you care about is a generous way to change your world for the better. It takes guts to say, “I read this and you should too.” The guts to care enough about our culture (and your friends) to move it forward and to stand for something.

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