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something she’s learnt to stick to is to not ‘air dirty laundry’ and its other variants (see: ‘wash your dirty laundry in public’/ ‘hanging your dirty laundry’).

i mean, we’ve all got the mice in our walls and the demons under our bed, and do with them what you will. call an exterminator, burn your white sage and contact your local church, and she’ll settle for making space for them.

some people might not understand, but that’s okay because not everyone’s mice and demons are alike. some can be untameable, wild and godless. fortunately, her’s have snuck past her doors and made her house into a home long enough for them to have become familiar with the rules. besides, she can tell they’re trying their best to behave.

one day, she will let them out. that day will be the day when her rodent friends no longer chew through everything and her demons have stopped believing they were spawned for malevolence. and she knows this day will come because another thing she’s learnt is forgiveness and she’s still trying to figure it out. but for now, the world’s not as forgiving, and probably isn’t ready to shelter her mice and demons.

so they stay lounging under the beds and skittering in the walls while she dreams of rehabilitating the other 7 billion mice and demons around the globe. and you won’t have to tell her twice that that’s a pipe dream far too big for any girl like her. and she’ll tell you that once upon a time, before her mice and demons made themselves unwelcome, she already believed that anything is worth hoping, if you work for it.

its her and her mice and demons versus the world…and maybe that pile of dirty laundry.




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