Twitter Should Start a Lottery to up MAUs

Money t̶a̶l̶k̶s̶ tweets


Twitter has lots of people with accounts, but not as many active users as they need to be a sustainable business (hence rumors of sale). Twitter has yet to successfully mobilize these users with new features or advertising.


Twitter could take every inactive Twitter user (inactive for a year or more) and automatically enter them into a weekly $1 million lottery. A random historically inactive (but recently active) account is picked once a week throughout the year. If a user had an inactive account picked, but did not become active after the lottery announcement, they won’t be eligible for the prize. Only previously inactive users that have since become active can claim the prize.

FOMO: The goal here is fear of missing out, people who have an old account won’t want to risk winning and not being eligibale, so may become active on Twitter just in case — in this way it will act like a post-code lottery.

PRESS: The lottery is sure to generate tons of press at launch and cause many people to try and recall if they have an old account that has been inactive so they’re eligible. Every time someone wins, it’ll generate lots of local press — as is the case when someone wins other lotteries, this could help user re-engage in specific areas across the US.

CELEBRITIES: In 2012 Britney Spears had 8.4 million inactive followers, Katy Perry had 10.2 million and Justine Bieber had 11 million. Twitter could do other celeb focused lotteries, that offer one on one meets and all expenses paid trips to concerns with celebrities. This will mobilize stars huge fanbases to re-engage with Twitter.

It’s a weird idea but what has Twitter got to lose? Money t̶a̶l̶k̶s̶ tweets.