Breakfast Choices To Jumpstart The Week

We talk a lot about Mondays here at GIFITIZE because many people underestimate their importance. Truth be told, if you don’t start off your week on a good note, nine times out of ten, the rest of the week follows a similar pattern. By getting out to the door on a running start, you’ll be able to complete the work week at a fast pace instead of the meandering slump that comprises most people’s experience. To make sure that we enable you to achieve this, we like to examine Monday’s from all angles. There’s always something new to show our readers that can empower them in New and exciting ways.

You’re already reading this so you’re ahead of the curve. You know that Monday’s are both powerful and dangerous. You’re prepared to achieve greater and think smarter. It’s Monday so you’re aware of the side effects this horrible day brings. So, what are you going to eat for breakfast?

Breakfast is the meal that will make or break your day. If you eat bad, you’ll feel guilty until you go to sleep. If you eat too light, you’ll be hungry all day. It’s like Goldilock’s selection of porridge from The Three Little Bears: you have to eat it just right or face the repercussions (in her case, none). To help you find out what’s right, we’ve covered four of the meals that can make your Monday fruitful. Interested to see and are hungry at the same time? Hopefully these GIFs don’t send you over the edge.

Scrambled eggs, sausages, French toast, and bacon

This meal may be the staple breakfast delight featured on cartoons, movies, and television shows alike. It’s a classic that keeps giving. You have the best of the salty foods and the intense sweetness of the cinnamon and syrup with the French toast. We can speak from personal experience when we say that this is one of the best choices that you can make for eating period, especially on a morning where the entire work week stares back at you with disgust.

Sunrise Sunset from Tropical Smoothie

Tropical Smoothie’s choice of extremely thick juices (there’s no fruit chunks so is it really a smoothie?) are the reason for lines that are wrapped around the block on National Flip Flops Day. People love their tangy taste and the sugar rush they bring that reminds them of Starbust candy. Other days of the year, the chain’s locations are usually empty. What gives?

Don’t question it. Take the opportunity to slide into the location and get a Sunrise Sunset, one of their most popular choices. Maybe it’s the mango, orange juice, strawberries, and pineapple combination that’s got us hooked. Regardless, it’s a healthy option that kicks things off on a good note that will hopefully be an indicator of how the rest of the week will go.

IHOP’s dreamy pancakes

IHOP currently has a special running where you can get four pillows for $5.69. That’s a price point that no surrounding place can even touch. What makes it even crazier is that these pillows are also edible. We’re talking about their amazingly fluffy pancakes sent straight from God’s kitchen. There’s almost nothing in the world that tastes better than these delectable treats. While they aren’t that healthy for those who are on a diet, they’ll sure make you feel like you can accomplish anything.

Waffles are special, don’t get it twisted

Wait, didn’t we say pancakes? Waffles and pancakes are two entirely different beasts. Pancakes are focused on providing the fluff but Waffles bring a decidedly more brash approach to consuming syrup: they’re focused on the crunch. Good waffles anyway, not the weak imitations that are better off as pancakes (cough, Waffle House). A good waffle will set your day off at a great pace if accompanied with bacon or sausage. It’s mandatory to balance out the crunch so that you’ll be subject to edible bliss.

What to you eat on Mondays? Hit us up on Twitter and let’s have a discussion.

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