4 Ways to get better sleep at night, the GIFITIZE way

We can always find new ways to sleep better. Most of us squeeze in naps throughout the day, sleep horribly at night, and become walking zombies at work the following morning. What’s worse than falling asleep at your work or school desk? Did you hear what the person next to you said to you five minutes ago?

Don’t worry. Here at GIFITIZE, our team of GIFologists have come up with special methods that will help you sleep soundly. You won’t need to go by a $1,000 mattress or sing lullaby songs to have better slumber. If you don’t get better sleep, we’ll shave our hair off of our heads.

Dance your heart out. Seriously.

It’s 2 AM, your eyes are stinging, and you’ve tried to sleep multiple times. The problem is, your eyes don’t want to stay shut so you open them back up and stare at the wall. Do you want to know what the problem is?

You’re restless.

You need something to do that’ll tire you out. Seeing as it’s too late to go to the gym and run on the treadmill, dancing would be a great alternative. We’re not talking about square dancing or milly rocking. Find an intense dance video collection on YouTube and move your body until you’re panting for breath. Once you tire yourself out, you’ll be able to sleep better in a short matter of time.

Here are three videos that you can dance to.

In the process of learning the routines in these three videos, you’ll learn some great moves to use next time you are out for a night on the town. Who’d pass up the chance to knock out two birds with one stone?


Streaming services are amazing because all of the world’s best television and films are at our finger tips. There’s also a number of original programs that have made their way to the most popular services, primarily Netflix and it’s extensive amount of original programming. For every ten Netflix original shows, at least two are boring. To help fall asleep quicker, go find one of their shows that doesn’t interest you and try to make it through one episode.

Our pick? Peaky Blinders starring Cillian Murphy and Sam Neill. The Netflix series follows a British gang after World War 1. It’s pretty hard to watch, to say the least. By the end of the episode, you should be entering dreamland.

Eat as much junk food as possible.

Long before The Boondocks popularized the “itis” phenomenon, people fell asleep by eating as much Zebra Cakes, Lays Chips, and cheese danishes, as their bodies could hold. Make your way down to the kitchen at 2 AM and eat as many donuts as you can without getting sick. Each one that goes down your throat should make your eyes slump over a little more.

Now if you’re on a healthy diet, no sweat — we have a work around. Shoot for vegetables like carrots and cauliflower. Add along with it some vegetable dip and you have a nutritious, low- calorie snack. Hey, it’s not Lays Chips but when you step on the scale tomorrow you’ll be happy you chose it over Zebra Cakes.


Perhaps the most boring sleeping method on our list, cuddling relaxes the brain and body. Since your body gets to prepare for sleep, everything on you slowly gets more and more relaxed until you wake up the next morning without remembering when you fell asleep. Cuddling is easy. Here’s what you’ll need.

1 You

1 Object of Cuddlefection

Lights dim or off

When we say object of cuddlefection, we don’t necessarily mean a spouse. If you have one, that’s fine. Find a person, pillow, or blanket, and wrap your legs around it. Lay on one side and squeeze as tight into it as you can. Just like that. Now, all you need is to turn the TV on to the news, or something else that you won’t really pay attention to, and just go ahead and doze off.

Our four methods will enable you to sleep good tonight and any other night if you decide to give one of them a shot. If you like this, or these GIFS, go ahead and follow us on Twitter @GIFITIZE.

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