How Can I Follow Through With My New Year’s Resolutions?

2017 ended with in icy bang, the winds of winter swirling as the ball dropped in Times Square, signaling the end of a year and the birth of another. The moments leading up to the new year were emotional, with many declarations of changes and life improvements being made around the world. The reset of the world clock grants everyone a second chance at success.

Now that the dust has settled and we’re on the otherside of 2018, the questions will surely set in soon. What’s next on my plan list? How can I achieve it? What am I even doing with my life? These kinds of questions are normal for the big switch; they also hint at what you should be doing next. Think of them as blueprints, broad strokes, that paint a picture of how the year will go.

When goals and resolutions are made, there’s a sinking feeling that comes along on Jan. 1. What’s the next step in the process? Do I continue or start a new? While we can’t help answer those questions, we can help you figure out what to do in the meantime.

You should always jot your goals down and place them in frequently visited areas. Whether it’s on a window pane or on a computer screen homepage, placing something seen numerous times throughout the day in prominent view does wonders in establishing a routine and morale for the future. In addition to that, adding quotes that are inspirational and motivational will help you strive towards greatness even more.

Futhermore, you should form a goal group with a circle of friends. We all get lazy when we don’t have to do something, so this keeps that in balance. Plus it gives us a chance to brag about our accomplishments when we get them completed, making us want them even more.

Lastly, hold yourself accountable. This will be hard, but ultimately doable. Punish yourself if you feel like you’re slacking. Reward yourself for progress. Make improvements or changes to your routine that will enable it to flourish and transform into something exciting, achieving goals in the process.

By doing these things, you’ll be well on the way to scratching those resolutions off your list in 2018. Then, you can create more. You’ll feel an unmatched sense of pride and accomplishment by putting yourself on the fast track to success. It’s the start of a new era filled with opportunities that you can excel in immediately. All you have to do is put your best foot forward.

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