Season 2 of Stranger Things is finally here

Tomorrow, the hype train officially pulls into the station: season 2 of Stranger Things finally arrives to Netflix in thundering fashion. Its’ return has been the talk of the town for months, with wondrous trailers and plot theorists making it almost impossible to wait for the show’s near-Halloween release period. Now that it’s finally here, Netflix will surely see an uptick in usage as eager fans binge watch the next installment in the ongoing mystery in Hawkins, Indiana.

The gang of Mike Wheeler, Dustin Henderson, Lucas Sinclair, and Will Bynum return to the fray with a new mystery to solve: after Will’s traumatic experiences with the Demigorgon last season, he’s still not all-the-way back, mentally at least. What’s plaguing him? Why are the stereotypically sinister scientists back operating in full effect? What’s Joyce Byers going to do to help her son that she didn’t already do last season? It also helps that “Eleven” is back with a new hairdo and a scary demeanor, indicating that she’s going to be integral into the plot.

There’s so much to unpack as we prepare for the new season that we decided to unload some of the best Stranger Things GIFs so you’ll be ready to go when it is available.

Now, it’s time for things to get even crazier with season 2.

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