Showing our appreciation to the genius of Impractical Jokers

Tru TV’s Impractical Joker is a show that looks as innocent as one could possibly let it be. There’s four middle aged men who participate in stulll blown stupid shenanigans that cause people around them to erupt in laughter. The best part about it is that they do things ain a secretive matter, with their shows whole spiel coming from the fact that people don’t like being the butts of unnecessary jokes.

The show has been a smash hit with the network and has shown some serious prgoress in regards to building the careers of four relatively unknown comedians. As time goes on and they become more famous, the show will no doubt become harder to do. But in the end, that was always the goal — to turn these oafs into America’s favorite.

Today’s a day of appreciation for one of the best shows on television. We’re collecting some of the best GIFs so that you can see just what the fuss is about. Check them out below.

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