Stoking the Fire: Argument Time

We’re totally not telling you to have GIFs ready in the event of getting into a serious argument, whether it’s a debate with a friend or heated verbal scuffle with your significant other. We’re not saying that you should use GIFs to keep the argument fiery until you get bored. Here are some GIFs that you should not use under any circumstances in an argument.

Remember. Don’t use these.

Woman rolling her eyes

This will definitely annoy the person that you’re arguing with. They may even give up the argument. It might become worse. Don’t use this after you quote what the person just said, as if you’re mocking them.

Older woman looking onward

You should definitely not send this when you’re waiting for a response to something. Also, don’t send this right after the person has said something heartfelt and you believe it sounds stupid.

James Harden walking away from mic

This one’s a classic. You should not use this if the person gives a proposition you don’t like. Also don’t repeat what they said and then use this GIF. If you’re talking to a significant other, you’ll end up in the doghouse for sure.

Annoyed Rihanna

When Rihanna’s annoyed, the entire world knows it. In this particular meme, she rolls her eyes extremely hard. Using this leaves very little to the imagination, so maybe this one should just be avoided all together. Seriously.

Fresh Prince’s “Really?” face

Can you imagine why this would be annoying? Would you want someone looking at you like this? Imagine receiving this in the middle of a conversation. Exactly. This one shouldn’t even enter your brain. Don’t use this one, your relationship with the other person is at stake.

I have a feeling that you’re hard headed and going to use these anyway. Very well. But remember, you didn’t hear about these GIFs from us.

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