Winter is coming. Get hype.

No, we’re not talking about Game of Thrones. Sorry, Jon Snow.

There’s plenty of reasons that winter is one of the best seasons. Everyone’s tired of the exhausting heat that made going outside an exercise in itself. Now, with temperatures dropping all around, we can prepare to see the insides of our living arrangements more often. It’s a great feeling to know that utter relaxation is around the corner. If you’re lost at what exactly is so good about winter coming, we’re glad to help. Take a look below:

Netflix becomes your best friend

Mainstream media glamourizes the “Netflix and chill” narrative, but if someone were to actually stay inside during the summer to watch Netflix, people would claim them lazy. Now that temperatures are dropping, what initially was a last resort becomes a priority. Think about snow days and other times where you going outside doesn’t matter to anyone. You can now spend that time surfing Netflix, or any other streaming service.

But what will you watch? We suggest to find a ton of shows that you haven’t already watched so that you can binge them. If that doesn’t sound like a perfect part of a season, I don’t know what does.

Fall fashion

Fashionistas and fashionistos aren’t big fans of summer because there aren’t that many ways to fully express individuality. With colder temperatures comes more layers, with more layers comes more original outfit pairings. It’s the time of the year that thosse who study fashion pull away from others in the race of the styles.

Prepare those wardrobes by taking advantage of the many back-to-school sales that are going on. It doesn’t matter what it is — buy it. Then layer it. Before you know it, bam! You’ll be looking like a model at New York Fashion Week.

Cancelling plans

In the summer, cancelling a friend’s plans made you look like a dick. You knew damn well that you didn’t have much to do at home besides lay across the couch before you canceled on your friend’s birthday dinner. Now, while you’re at home as calm as can be, you’ll feel a small ping of regret as you relax. This problem doesn’t exist during the winter. Colder weather is always an excuse to cancel plans.

Fall television schedules

Looking for bingeable shows? New seasons of programs that you watched last year? Look no further, in most cases. TV Networks like CW usually debut their new seasons of Riverdale and The Flash in October. Netflix will be releasing Stranger Things season 2 as well. The growing number of amazing shows available on TV and streaming services will make you not want to leave your couch. Ever.


Christmas and Halloween are the two main events of each winter, but the concept of gathering with extended family and eating foods you rarely get a chance to eat is enough to make anyone wish for the colder weather. Holiday-specific movies begin to come on television, office celebrations at work start happening, and holiday music becomes the only thing you listen to. Can we fast forward to Halloween?

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