Homelessness in America

Sleeping on the street or below a highway overpass for even a night could break the spirits of even the strongest among us. And yet people in our very cities and towns are forced to function after doing just this.

The reality is that homelessness is not a far-off problem relegated to a third-world country. It is, rather, an epidemic seen in and felt by our own neighborhoods.

That pockets of homelessness in America are typically juxtaposed next to areas of wealth makes the reality of their plight all the more glaring.

But let’s be clear: the daily existence of a homeless person in America, no matter his environment, is cruel and unforgiving.

But what are we to do?

The Saints tell us that the extra suit jacket in my closet belongs not to me but to the poor. We all have to ask ourselves: am I able to give a little of my excess to those with nothing at all?

My answer to this question has come in the form of the Gift Card Project — a humble effort to bring material sustenance and a loving presence to the homeless. Please join me.

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