25 Thank-You Gifts for All Occasions

Danke. Gracious. Je vous remercie.

From acknowledging an employee’s hard work on Employee Appreciation Day (March 1st) thanking a teacher on National Teacher Appreciation Day (May 2nd) or giving a little token of appreciation to a great boss on Boss’ Day (October 16th), there are plenty of reasons to say thank you throughout the year.

We’ve rounded up a list of thoughtful, unique gifts to give when you want to thank someone, no matter the occasion. Add these gift ideas to your very own Thank You Wish List to keep track of items that would make great thank-you gifts all year long.

Here are 25 Thank-You Gifts for All Occasions:

  1. Tea from Around the World — A gift for tea lovers, this gift set features ten, single-estate teas perfect for exploring exotic varieties from around the world.
  2. Philosophy Thank You Gift Set — Infused with the scent of raspberry sorbet, this gift set, perfect for girlfriends, sisters, or daughters, includes a multitasking, three-in-one shower gel and a highly emollient lip shine.
  3. Anntian Big Knit Blanket — A gorgeous blanket that also doubles as a wrap, the 60% merino wool blanket makes a wonderful gift for artists.
  4. Vintage Espresso Cups — A set of three mix-and-match vintage French espresso cups makes a thoughtful gift for coffee lovers and world travelers.
  5. Varietal Honey Flight — Know someone with an undeniable sweet tooth? Gift them a cheese-complementing honey flight that features four varietals, stored in hand-corked vials, sealed in beeswax, and packaged with an American Oak block.
  6. Teardrop Terrarium — Whether you’re buying for a co-worker, boss, or client, this handmade Teardrop Terrarium is a unique yet thoughtful gift to brighten up an office.
  7. Paddywax Woods Candles — If you’re going to gift a candle, give one that brings the smell of the outdoors inside.
  8. Duck Umbrella — Everyone can use an umbrella, but you can gift one that’s both functional (with an automatic open and natural wood handle) and fun.
  9. Flag Dominoes — Great for kids and professors alike, these dominoes are decorated with silkscreened nautical flags — sure to be on display, they’re colorful and creative.
  10. Scribd eBook Subscription — Want to please the book lover in your life? Gift him or her with a three-, six- or twelve-month subscription to Scribd, where they’ll have access to thousands of book title and audiobooks on Kindle, iPhone and Google Play.
  11. A Highly Rated Travel Mug — From college students to busy working dads and moms, a great travel mug makes a terrific gift that’s sure to get a lot of use.
  12. A Magazine Subscription — A magazine subscription makes a great thank-you gift as you’re able to choose a topic, from Popular Photography and Food Network to National Geographic or Entrepreneur, that inspires and educates the receiver all year long.
  13. Bliss Softening Socks — A gift that encourages pampering and relaxation is a gift that just about anyone will love, especially teachers, nurses, doctors, or anyone else that spends most of their day on their feet.
  14. Pantone Playing Cards — Please the graphic designer at the office or your friend that collects games with a set of unique playing cards.
  15. Gourmet Olive Oil — For the home chef or foodie, gourmet olive oil from Italy makes a great thank-you gift.
  16. Abby Seymour Jewelry — For sorority sisters, maid of honors, or a just-because thank you to mom, a necklace or ring from Abby Seymour can make a statement no matter the occasion.
  17. A Nora Winter Scarf — An essential winter piece, a warm non-itchy scarf makes a great gift for friends and family living in colder climates.
  18. Draught Dry Goods Navy Pouch — Whether it’s a thank-you gift for your fashionista friend, your wedding planner who did an amazing job, or your mother-in-law for all she’s done for you, this large navy pouch is makes a stylish yet functional gift.
  19. Cat Face Ring Dish — Got a coworker or little sister who loves rings and cats? Celebrate their love for both with this wooden ring dish.
  20. Matisse Tote — For the friend who loves art museums, shopping at the farmer’s market, or going to book fairs, an artistic tote is just the gift to make them happy.
  21. Dog-a-Day Dessert Plates — A set of plates inspired by one artist’s project to paint one dog a day, these dessert plates make a great gift for any dog-loving hostess.
  22. Spa Tower — For busy moms, relaxing is often a word they no longer know. Give them the nudge they need to kick back for some much-needed TLC.
  23. Willy Wonka Russian Nesting Dolls — Whether it’s your quirky boss, film-fan stepdad or movie-quoting spouse, give them a gift they’ll not only cherish but also display proudly.
  24. Cocktail Collection Confections — When you mix cocktails with chocolate, you get a gift that’s sure to please the epicurean in your life.
  25. Star Wars R2D2 Coffee Press — Know someone whose favorite movie franchise of all time is Star Wars? Does this person also happen to love coffee? Well, then you’ve got the makings of one unforgettable thank-you gift with this R2D2 coffee press.
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