Wish Lists: Selfish…or Selfless?

Gift Guessing 101 and Getting What You REALLY Want!

Make a wish out loud with a Gift Hero wish lists

Do you have a birthday or anniversary coming up? How many times have these momentous occasions come and gone in your life and you were left with presents that were just, well… meh? It happens to everyone. And many adults understandably feel uncomfortable with the idea of building a wish list because it feels presumptuous and selfish (kids and teens less so…and who can blame them?). However, consider the potential of poorly planned gifting — or as we call it, gift guessing:

For GIFT GIVERS (them):

  1. Expend TIME and EFFORT in selecting and buying a gift
  2. Experience STRESS and possibly low gift SATISFACTION in failing to find the “perfect” gift
  3. Incur EXCESS COST in last minute gift guessing


  1. Experience the STRESS of a disappointing gift exchange (awkward!)
  2. Expend TIME and EFFORT in returning a gift
  3. Experience the WASTE and CLUTTER as non-returned gifts pile up


Build a Birthday Wish List on GiftHero.com

Building a wish list is a great way to communicate to friends and family about what it is that you actually want on special occasions, so go ahead and do everyone a favor — build a wish list on GiftHero.com. Sure, there’s a touch of selfish desire in there, but ultimately, you are making it much easier on loved ones by cutting out the gift guessing. Besides, you deserve it. And so do they. I’d like to say, “just trust us on this one”, but really, you should try it, and tell us what you think!

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