Conversation with My Wife (221)

If it’s Year #2, is it a tradition yet?

Last year we went on a raiding party. It was Gail Boenning’s fault. She suggested leaving postcards at neighbors who had nice-looking holiday displays, thanking them.

So this year we decided to do it again. Only we waited until after Christmas this time. Because, um…

DEB: We just didn’t do it before Christmas? Plus we were doing stuff.

We were doing stuff! So there!

Is it just me, or do we look more sinister than last year? (photo by author, because we didn’t want anyone else involved)

I printed up revised versions of the cards Gail designed last year, mostly because it seemed like saying “Merry Christmas!” a couple days after Christmas was a little lame. Like we’d meant to do it earlier, but hadn’t.

And then we got snow one night, and rain the next—no no, it’s fine, we need the precipitation, December has been a dry month here—but Wednesday night was clear and dark.

DEB: Let’s head up one side of the street, down the other, and if we have more cards then we distribute them along [cross street] and we’re done!

Rather than leave the cards on, near, or around front doors, we just stuffed them into mailboxes. Faster. And the mail person probably wouldn’t make a fuss about unofficial unauthorized mail. Probably.

DEB: It is… not cold out here. Again.

ME: After nine o’clock in late December.

We were opening jackets, taking off gloves, and loosening layers. Yes, we should have checked the thermometers before we left the house. We’ll put it on the checklist for next year.

DEB: We have a checklist?

Deb will remember.




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