Christmas Pears

“Doesn’t she have an uncle named Howard?” Calliope asked.

“Yes!” Urania snipped, “We wrote about him once…he came home from WWII with tuberculosis and his life was saved by recently discovered Streptomycin. How could you forget that one?”

“He wasn’t her uncle,” Thalia said.

“Yes he was!” Urania nearly shouted.
Did she need some coffee? A donut?

“Well, Howard was her grandmother’s brother. Does that make him a grand uncle? A great uncle? An uncle once removed? I can never remember how that works….lighten up Urania…do you want one of these pears?”

“Too healthy,” Urania replied.

As sweet as the chocolate covered cherries that arrived boxed with the pears Calliope said, “Ladies…we seem to be a little off course. She wants to share some news about the Gift of Shared Kindness — to create awareness from a place of generosity — instead of sounding like an infomercial. Can we help?”

“Well…reader Gary gave us the idea of awareness over promotion — that is a valuable reframe,” said Urania after a large gulp from her Let that Sh*t Go mug.

Thalia added, “She can also reframe the shares as generosity…as Manu might advise…she’s just offering…a gift from one friend to another. She doesn’t have to think of it as self promotion…,”

“You tell her,” said Urania. “These chocolate covered cherries are the bomb! Want one?”

“Okay…I’ve reset her thinking. See — she’s adding the links below…now hand me that bag of cheerful cherries!”

Howard Fox recently interviewed Manu and me about the Gift of Shared Kindness. Howard is a skilled conversationalist who immediately set us at ease. You can listen to our interview at Success Insight.

A friend we made in The Creative’s Workshop, Matthew Carey, also interviewed us for his podcast, Studio Time. He gave us the opportunity to discuss our thoughts on creativity which opened the door to a rich conversation.

And! My friend Chris Palmore from Gratitudespace is running a holiday sale on his book Dear Gratitude. I’m delighted to have a story about Mara and my favorite angler included in his anthology. From Monday 12/14/20 — through Sunday 12/20/20 you can order a physical copy for $7.77 or an electronic version for $0.99.

Gratitude over grumbletude has the power to change the world.




A place for person to person connection within a culture of kindness, generosity, and respect.

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Gail Boenning

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