In The Beginning…

Gail Boenning
Gift of Shared Kindness
2 min readOct 23, 2020

inspiration for a new way of connecting

What happens when we lift each other up?

Once upon a time…
a daughter wandered store aisles searching for a gift. Candles, shave kits, cologne…sigh. What to give a father who doesn’t want anything?

The Inspiration Fairy lit upon her shoulder and whispered in her ear.

“What about a gift he can pay forward? Give Dad a card filled with envelopes that are stocked with random currencies — money, gift cards, an inspirational poem? He can give them to servers who spark a connection in him — waitstaff, drivers, his barber? A surprise that goes above and beyond his usual tip? A random act of kindness? Giving is receiving!”

Hmmmm, she wondered. Could the idea work?

After Christmas dinner, surrounded by Lincoln Logs, children fueled by sugary treats, and piles of gift wrap, the daughter watched and waited as her father opened his gift of a gift. He examined the big card and small cards with curiosity.

“You have placed an additional tip in each of these tiny cards? How do I know I’m not giving too much?” he asked.

“That’s the point Dad! You can’t give too much. You’re giving a random act of kindness to brighten someone’s day.”

Fast forward several months….daughter and father share lunch…Dad sparkles with excitement…

“Lori — a waitress at the Village Cafe— came over to my table after opening her envelope and gave me a big hug. And, I gave an envelope to Matt at The Waterfront. When he opened it and found a ten, he asked if I was sure I wanted to give him that much. I told him it wasn’t up to me. My daughter wanted him to have a little extra — for taking care of me. Matt grinned and stuffed it in his pocket.”

The daughter smiled in gratitude.
Kindness shared spreads.

That Inspiration Fairy knew what she was talking about!