You’ve Received the Gift of Shared Kindness

Hello Magician!

As an agent of change, you’ll delight in sharing treats to uplift those who treat you with care.

Step 1: Store your magical Above&Beyond cards in a space that travels with you: purse, glovebox, console, backpack, fanny pack (do people still use those?)…you get the idea. 😉

Step 2: Tune your awareness to those who serve you: waitstaff, teachers, pet groomers, drivers, landscapers, photographers, delivery drivers, mail carriers, health care workers, trash collectors…the sky is the limit!

Step 3: Gift Above&Beyond cards anonymously or hand-to hand.

Doesn’t giving feel great?

Step 4: Repeat

Step 5: If you have a story you’d like to share, drop us a note in comments. We’d love to hear, collect, and share!




A place for person to person connection within a culture of kindness, generosity, and respect.

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Gail Boenning

Gail Boenning


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