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Coco Columbia performing “Can’t always be” live at PDXPopNow under a bridge in SE Portland Oregon.

On a late Sunday night in Portland Oregon under a bridge, there was an event being held outside with a whole lot of talented local artist. A new record label called EYRST had posted about a squad of new artist performing and taking part in PDXPOPNOW. It was my first time ever hearing of “Coco Columbia” and to be honest, I expected general P-town hipster rap. Much to my surprise, an awesome three piece group arrived, set up and had a beautifully costumed set with some trippy vibes and cool sounds. Most definitely one of the biggest underrated performances of the night. I look forward to keeping up with the new group and can’t wait to see what visuals, performances and music they come out with next. You should do yourself a favor and checkout their music so that in half a year when they are touring and making moves, you can say you heard them here first.

Check out more of Coco Columbia on Bandcamp.

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