Leeches of Lore

live at Burt’s Tiki Lounge on July 19, 2014.
| gig magazine issue #5 |

interview & photographs by Justin Thor Simenson

Editors note:

This article was originally published in August 2014. Leeches of Lore’s new album ‘Motel of Infinity’ was recorded by Toshi Kasai and after a successful Kickstarter campaign, they are currently working on getting it mastered and pressed.

Are you ready for some more “horse fuckery”? Wait, what is “horse fuckery”? A lot of people spend time trying to describe Leeches of Lore sound, that in it of itself is “horse fuckery”. In their own words Leeches of Lore write “hits for an age that will never exist.”

Leeches of Lore made quite the name for themselves around Albuquerque as one of the best bands in the city. But then in the fall of 2012 their future seemed to be all doom and gloom with news that founding member Steve Hammond was leaving town. Noah recalls “Yeah, everyone seemed to be running with that for some reason.” Steve laughs “..well I think we kind of fed that too.” But after a short hiatus Leeches of Lore are back. They hit the road with a spring 2014 tour and I caught up with them at Burt’s Tiki Lounge in downtown Albuquerque on July 19th.

Their set was all new material (besides one cover) so when I sat down with Steve and Noah for this interview I wanted to ask them one question; Are you guys working on a new album? Steve replied “Yeah, we are looking for a good studio to record at.” He continued, ”In the past we have had outside engineers record us and we would finish it off on our own. But we want to do the next one sort of old fashioned style and getting a real studio is the next progression… we want this album to sound better than the past stuff.”

The songs on their last studio album ‘Frenzy, Ecstasy’ flowed into each other and I asked about their writing process and if they wrote individual songs or the album as a whole. Steve replied “We kinda do both. Usually we write just individual songs and every so often one ends up working well attached to another song, so we run with that. That’s sort of how the last album worked out.” I then asked further “Your last album was released on vinyl, do you have plans to do that with this one?” Steve said “We do actually. We like having a physical product for our fans. A digital version will be available later, but first we put out the physical version.“ Noah followed up “Vinyl records are nice because it makes people listen to the music the way we intend it to be heard. They put it on and listen to it, they don’t skip tracks or stuff like that.”

Q: When is your next show?
A: Our next show is on Halloween. We will be playing Alice Cooper’s Love It to Death album in its entirety.

During my short interview with Noah and Steve in front of Sister Bar several people came up to them to say hi. When they realized that I was interviewing them they all said something to the effect of “Leeches of Lore fuckin’ rock” which solidified in my mind that Albuquerque is glad to have them back playing shows.

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