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Rachana Vidhi

While working with the leaders of energy storage space, I have come to realize that often what drives them is something deeper that shaped their lives early on and gave it a everlasting meaning.

I recently met Rachana Vidhi whose story accentuates this realization.

Rachana VIdhi, PhD. Image courtesy —
USF College of Engineering

Here is Rachana talking about what drives her:

I grew up in a small town in Bihar, where a day of uninterrupted electricity was unheard of. I remember having to study and do homework during the few hours of the day when we had electricity, or rely on battery back-up or kerosene lamps. So, when I first learned about the potential of solar energy as a teenager, I knew that this was my calling. I have been passionate about sustainable energy sources ever since.

This passion drove Rachana on a journey from India to Florida where she is working on integrating energy storage with renewables. Given the intermittent nature of generation from renewable sources like solar and wind, her work helps make renewables a more reliable and mainstream source of energy.

This motivation led me to study Energy Engineering at IIT, Kharagpur and later to pursue a Ph.D. at University of South Florida. Throughout my career, I have had the privilege to work with some very dedicated people, who have encouraged me to innovate and to always aspire for greater heights, while being rooted to my values. Currently I focus on integrating energy storage with renewable energy for large scale projects, to make renewable energy affordable and reliable for everyone. We are at a turning point in the energy industry, and I love being on the forefront of large scale deployment of these new technologies.

All the best on your Gigawatthours journey Rachana!

Rachana Vidhi’s linkedin profile is here.




This blog chronicles people from the Energy Storage industry. This emerging space is helping the world move towards clean sources of energy, and making the planet more liveable.

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