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Build an unbeatable lead qualification process for remote sales: Gig workforce to the rescue

With a gig workforce, automate your lead qualification process and convert leads faster than ever.

Why is lead qualification important?

Lead qualification is an important part of any sales process. In fact, the ability to qualify leads is one of the most daunting tasks for any sales team. Qualifying leads ensures that you are only spending time on people who have a genuine buying intent for your product or service. The reason for qualifying every lead effectively is because it will save you time, provide cost optimization and ensure seamless operations which will ultimately lead to faster sales conversion. Your sales funnel will also witness less/no leakage as the leads will flow to the bottom faster.

Where do most enterprises go wrong with the traditional lead qualification approach?

The traditional sales process is built on a foundation of direct meetings/interactions with prospects without vetting the quality beforehand. In short, sales teams spend a lot of time approaching leads who might not be interested in their enterprise’s offerings. They put less focus on lead qualification due to no clarity of ICP (Ideal Customer Profile) and this can be very frustrating if the sales teams are aiming to hit an important sales target. This kind of inadequate customer background verification leads to having wrong prospects in the pipeline and wastage of sales resources.

So how can sales reps avoid wasting time and money on unqualified leads?

New wave in the lead qualification process

The modern art of lead qualification is an art of minimizing the number of false leads. With the number of leads generated today, enterprises are constantly looking for better ways to make sure they aren’t wasting their time. There is a need for a dedicated inside sales team for lead qualification that follows time-tested frameworks. This gets powered up with a curated customer database with proper lead potential to get converted. The modern ideology requires a clear identification of purchasing power of leads with automation and effective management.

What’s even more important is that the information gathered could be used to improve the scale of the entire sales process.

Why is it important to automate the lead qualification process for a large pool of leads?

Automation gives you control and flexibility over the manual management of leads. This process goes from converting website visitors into leads, to nurturing them until they are ready to buy.

40% of marketing, sales, and business professionals admit that a lack of a smarter lead qualification strategy is the most challenging obstacle to sales conversion, and automation can play a pivotal role in getting rid of this.

Here are a few reasons why automated lead qualification is beneficial for your sales team:

  • No human error
  • Objective mapping of buying intent
  • Better sales conversion
  • No lag in customer outreach
  • Using CRM to record responses
  • Lead scoring

How can a gig workforce build an unbeatable lead qualification process?

You probably have a good lead qualification process with your team, but do you want to achieve better results with faster execution? You can try out outsourcing some of the functions to a remote gig workforce. It can be a good way out to improve your lead qualification process and to increase overall sales.

This kind of setup, like GigIndia’s gig workforce, gives you a larger geographical reach from a customized database of leads without any staff training. You can now manage more leads at an optimized cost with integrated lead scoring and lead assignment modules. Additionally, a gig workforce gives you a 24/7 availability which your in-house team might not be able to give to you right now.

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