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Capture every opportunity in 2022- customers are just a call away with a gig workforce!

2021 is moving at a rapid pace, and enterprises are racing to keep up with the pace of technological advancements. In this context, it is important to take a look at the trends which can help us understand how customers are going to look up to the enterprises in 2022.

The advent of technology and the digital revolution has drastically changed the way businesses run and more and more enterprises are looking up to digital mediums to provide excellent customer support. This rapid revolution has resulted in a gig economy- a decentralized mechanism where professionals and enterprises can collaborate digitally to generate exponential business outcomes. In 2022, customer support is going to be one of the largest segments in the gig economy- considering customer experience being one of the critical factors determining customer’s choice for products or brands.

Dynamic relationship between gig economy and customer support

Most customer success teams are evaluating the efficacy of the gig economy. For example, how do they manage their workforce? How do they find the staff they need? How do they ensure they are complying with legislation? How do they ensure the quality of their service?

Here are some reasons why considering a gig workforce can be a game-changer:

1. Ensures business continuity- Due to COVID-19, customer service operations everywhere went into crisis mode. Enterprises were forced to shut down, with customer support teams hastily transitioning to a work from home (WFH) model. According to Harvard Business Review, a number of companies dealt with more than 2X of ‘difficult’ customer service calls. To deal with this, the best way out was to leverage an on-demand workforce that could operate remotely and be deployed flexibly.

2. Surpasses traditional BPOs- Closed office premises, fixed salaried resources, heavy infrastructure costs reflected on the higher contractual agreements during the pandemic.This is where the gig workforce proves to be more sustainable because of its pay-per-task model along with distributed workforce and almost zero infra costs.

3. Leverages AI support- The technology behind responsive customer service in the managed gig economy improves the nature of customer support for customer support executives. It finds ways to increase customer experience exponentially by leveraging automated insights into how they are performing. It even provides them with automated insights into how they are performing when it comes down to understanding their target audience’s preferences.

Customer success in 2022: Make it a reality with GigIndia

GigIndia helps fast-growing enterprises scale their customer support operations rapidly in line with their business needs. Our gig executives (Giggers) are equipped with latest trends and domain expertise that impact customers even from the most diverse backgrounds. This kind of mobility also allows for follow-the-sun coverage at a sustainable cost model- your customers deserve to be attended no matter what while managing the volume of requests.

Wishing to make your business customer-centric and win their sentiments from the very first day of 2022?

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