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Elevate Your Sales ROI With Efficient Lead Management: Attract, Acquire & Onboard Smartly.

Turn your leads into opportunities that have the power to convert.

It’s possible when you started working as a professional, you may have realised that the fewer assignments you get, the better is your productivity. However, when you are assigned things more than you can handle, you may have witnessed that your productivity tends to take a backseat.

Why does it happen?

It’s because your productivity doesn’t depend on the quantity of tasks you have to do- it depends on the way you ‘prioritize’ each task.

The situation is somewhat relatable for most fast-growing enterprises. It happens when enterprises generate more leads than they can manage effectively. Without prioritization, it is difficult to manage and pay attention to all the leads together- which may result in losing them before you even try to convert them.

In a marketing funnel, lead generation is the top-most priority. It commences the process of generating the customer’s interest in a product or service. However, it is not that simple to nurture the generated leads until they are ready to make their final purchase and reach the bottom of the funnel.

Research shows around 60% of marketers find lead generation a key pain point because of the increase in volume. Moreover, around 53% of these marketers spend at least half of their digital expenses on lead generation but are not able to handle them with accuracy. This reflects the requirement of managing the leads effectively throughout the funnel.

Drive more sales with our effective lead management system-

Studies show that around 46% of Sales Managers around the world list fake leads and low conversion rate as their top challenge.

We believe that converting a lead into a potential buyer depends on efficient communication and nurturing. From lead generation to qualification to appointment scheduling, GigIndia’s CRM’s lead management system ensures proper follow-up to move your leads through the sales pipeline.

GigIndia’s smart process focuses on each stage equally to not let leads fall out of the funnel. Every lead is managed effectively with the right technology and the right kind of skilled gig workers with personalised outbound calling.

Tech-based value proposition-

  • AI+Human cloud
  • Automated lead scoring
  • Analytical modelling
  • Integrated CRM with sentiment analysis
  • Check progress in real-time progress
  • Scale-up/down at ease
  • Pay-per-lead at 100% variable cost

With a comprehensive set of lead management features for enterprises of all sizes and kinds, our on-demand sales representatives can manage more leads in less time with an AI-driven technology. From lead generation to qualification and analysis, take a look at some of the proven use cases with which you can find sales success with GigIndia’s lead management system-

Lead generation-

Our customised lead generation program caters to your current sales requirements. We determine qualified leads that are capable of flowing through the bottom of your sales funnel and ensure a successful ROI.

Our managed resources of humans and AI help you transfer leads from 100+ CRM systems to our CRM with the right data masking. These leads are vetted & quality assessed on the basis of comprehensive parameters as per your business domain.

Lead qualification-

Once the leads are sourced, an ideal sales strategy should involve an efficient lead qualification process to filter out poor leads and identify those that have the highest potential to get converted. Our certified gig workers (outbound telecallers) help you capture and retain qualified leads by assessing their background and purchasing intent with automated workflows by-

  • Narrowing down the best quality leads based on buyer’s intent
  • Providing in-depth knowledge about the leads in the funnel
  • Identifying the key aspects to forecast the deal’s potential to close
  • Prioritizing your resource allocation on right areas to help leads flow to the bottom of the funnel

Appointment scheduling-

Most businesses lose their customer’s interest because they don’t reach out to them on time. Onboarding the partners at scale can be challenging because companies or sales representatives end up compromising on the process as there is a lack of proper documentation, background check, etc.

Our fast and streamlined appointment scheduling solution allows companies and professionals to manage appointments and bookings while providing-

  • Online availability at 24/7
  • A seamless integrated CRM
  • Ability to monitor the booking statistics
  • Schedule access control
  • Ability to accept online payments
  • Automated reminders and notifications via email/SMS
  • Ability to book a meeting room or equipment
  • A scope to have 30% better conversions

Achieving sales targets at a rapid pace becomes easier with GigIndia.

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