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GigIndia : India’s Largest Student Workforce

GigIndia is India’s largest student workforce with an aim to provide students with opportunities to earn, learn and grow with Top brands of India.

GigIndia is currently serving dreams of more than 200,000+ students across Pune, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Chennai and Indore!

Still Thinking why to join GigIndia ?

Other than getting a chance to work under Top Professionals.

  1. Get STIPEND for your work.
  2. You will be getting CERTIFICATES from top brands.

3. Letter of Recommendation and a Placement Recommendation after successful completion of your internship.

4. A Pre-Placement Offer with GigIndia if you do extremely well!

All Of This Is Absolutely True

GigIndia is looking to hire interns in the following areas of work :

  1. Business Development : 
    Get a chance to deal with top companies of India in a professional atmosphere.
  2. Marketing : 
    Have the super-power to sell stuff, You are the right match for this profile
  3. Public Relations : 
    Learn on how to work the issues of our customer base with experienced managers to guide you.
  4. Tech (Android Dev, Web Dev, Backend Dev) :
    The Tony Stark’s of our generation are suited for this profile.
  5. Operations : 
    Don’t want to sit in the office for a job. Join our operations team to have a unique experience.
  6. Campus Ambassador for GigIndia :
    Make and lead your own GigIndia campus community.
  7. Content Writer :
    The pen is mightier than the sword. Let your work talk for you.
  8. Graphic Designing :
    Always were the artistic kid in the group. Why not evolve into a Graphic designer.

What are we looking for in our Super Interns?

The intern should be a perfect blend of 

Skill 1:
Persuasive Communication Skills
Skill 2: Excellent Marketing Skills
Skill 3: Socially Active and easily approachable
Skill 4: Have good coordination in a team
Skill 5: Full-Time Dedication and Commitment


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