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How GigIndia is helping the youth of India?

What are the problems faced by India’s Youth?…..

India will have the largest young workforce by 2020

India is one of the youngest countries in the world with 65 % of the population under the age of 35

Despite of years of education and hard-work,this young population of our country is still facing many problems.
Students are unemployed 
2. Getting rejected 
3. Very unhappy with their salary.

This is mainly due to the large gap between the industry requirements and the student skill-set!

What GigIndia is doing to help change this scenario?

GigIndia is India’s Largest Student Workforce with a student user-base 200,000 strong!

  1. GigIndia started with a thought of bridging the large gap between the students’ and the companies .

2. GigIndia is giving the students of India an opportunity to experience life after college during college itself.

3. We are trying to provide a solution to the two main problems that students face during college viz. a lack of money , the pressure of building a good future.

What does GigIndia offer to the students of India?

We help the students of India by solving their two main problems.

GigIndia offers students:

1. Paid Internships with Top Brands

GigIndia has collaborated with Top Brands

2. Easy Earning Gigs to earn money online through PayTM

Simple Process to Earn Money Online!

3. Build Projects

So why don’t you come on board!

GigIndia is aiming to change the current scenario! Join the change ! Join the GigIndian Army !

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GigIndia revolves around the concept of providing internships and micro-jobs to students from Top Brands . To gain the most out of it, check out the GigIndia app.

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