GigIndia: India’s Largest Student Network

We connect awesome students just like you to awesome brands across India.

Did You Know?

After all these years of Education and Hard work, do you think you deserve this?

Why Are Students Rejected?

Sounds familiar, right?

What Is A Gig?

An online project/task which will earn you a bright future is called as a Gig.

How Do We Choose To Assist You?

Let us recommend you to Top Companies for Internships & Jobs.

How it works on GigIndia?

STEP 1: Choose Your Company

and many more!

As a GigIndian, you have the Power to Choose.

STEP 2: Perform Gigs for Brands

Gain Experience || Increase Skillsets || Build Projects
Gain Certificates & Stipend by doing Internships

STEP 3: Build a Strong Profile

Make Projects || Boost your CV || Transfer to Paytm

Our Partnership with Paytm allows Instant Payout to your Paytm Wallet from GigIndia.

STEP 4: Get Internships & Jobs

Impressed yet?

Successful GigIndians

We will assist you in building projects right from your early years of graduation.

Do you wish to be one of them?

Get Access to Mentors

Google them if you wish to :P

We invite you to Invest in Your Future

Investment: ONLY ₹650 for 6 months

(Only because we want to value your time)

Our Aim:

We want empower to YOU to earn that money back ASAP using GigIndia :)

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