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Quite Reasonable: 8 Reasons to implement outbound calling in your business

Successful outbound calling requires skills that cover countless aspects of communication. Apart from being good at interpretation, the telecalling executives need to be empathetic and persuasive in their conversations- all while carrying the weight of your brand reputation.

A study conducted by Call Hippo suggests that by being more persistent, sales executives can increase the sales conversation rate up to 70%.

Today, hundreds of enterprises all over the globe are outsourcing their outbound calling services to experts like GigIndia who transform them into a cost-friendly module for different industries.

What can you cover with outbound calling?

Outbound calling is the practice of cold calling a potential customer to educate them about a product or service and convince them to purchase it. With its immense scope, GigIndia covers:

  • Lead generation and qualification
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Customer support
  • Telemarketing

Why should you implement it in your business?

Here are 8 reasons that show why outbound calling can be a boon for your business in the coming years:

1. Provides a more interactive and personalised service

2. Creates an immediate rapport with your customers

3. Helps customers resolve their technical issues more clearly with verbal interaction

4. Generates and qualifies leads at larger scale

5. Increases your sales territory by selling remotely

6. Has the ability to reach more customers rapidly than with in-person sales meetings

7. Engages both existing and new customers

8. Helps achieve results that are measurable and scalable

Make the best out of outbound calling

GigIndia has extensive experience in offering outbound calling solutions to collect data and get insights into the constantly evolving B2B and B2C markets. With the help of our AI-driven inputs, you can make necessary adjustments to your business operations and steer it in the right direction.

Our competency lies in driving inside sales, customer experience and telemarketing programs for large enterprises- while having the ability to interweave the three to achieve your desired results. This is empowered by continuous training and managing our gig workforce to acquaint themselves with your target audience and devising effective ways to reach out to them.

All this is owed to our success record with the proven method of outbound calling.

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