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So your lead went cold. Now what? 3 steps to follow once you meet a dead end

While most sales teams love getting brand new hot leads who are ready to buy what they are trying to sell, some leads aren’t always easy to come by because of the ‘trust factor’. These infamously turn into what we call cold leads.

Usually cold leads don’t respond to emails and other forms of outreach. This can come about either because they don’t know too much about your service or product, or because they aren’t interested in what you have on offer. To convert them from cold leads into hot ones that are ready to buy from you requires a dedicated lead nurturing process- whereby you build up a prospect’s trust and convince them that you are the right business to do business with by showing them useful advice delivered at just the right time.

Let’s look at 3 steps you can to take to reactivate a cold lead-

1. Remind them of their previous interest when you first reached out- It’s not easy for people to remember their previous interactions with you. When trying to win them back, make sure not to spam them by continuous follow-ups. You can subtly evoke a prior interest in them with context about your previous conversation and how they showed interest initially.

2. Send customized messages that grab their attention- A study shows an average personalized cold email gets a 12% reply rate. Send custom emails tailored specifically to your leads and create a personalized message that compels them to come back and consider availing your services/products.

3. Personalize and ‘empathize’- It’s not just the content of your emails and texts that you can customize. While some potential customers may reach out again with a catchy subject line, others might like it more if you reach out to them directly with telecommunication. The more you empathize with their needs, the more likely they are to trust you and your brand.

Recharge dead leads at scale with a gig workforce

GigIndia partners with large-scale enterprises who wish to leverage a gig workforce as an added resource to approach cold/dead leads. An AI-based calling infrastructure in conjunction with call scripts and other guiding documents helps make calls more personalized, thereby increasing lead conversion by 3X.

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