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Stock trading app boosts account activation rate by 30% with GigIndia

The app required a faster onboarding solution to enable their sales funnel optimization.


Easy access to information and technology has given a major boost to stock-related apps in India. It has been found that investment and stock-related app searches have seen a rise of 115% year on year- which showcase the rising demand between consumers.

Our partner enterprise is a leading trading and investment app known for its stock investment options with zero brokerage fees. They enable long-term investors, pro traders and part-time traders to choose across various asset classes and create a customised portfolio on just one platform.

During the last quarter of 2020, the enterprise was targeting to scale faster for account activation with viable managed resources and active telesales executives on duty. They realised that it would be feasible to partner with a tech-based entity that would provide them with faster onboarding for sales funnel optimisation.


The enterprise’s requirement of an account opening program for customers who registered/ referred on their portal was both immediate and imperative. To ensure this, GigIndia partnered with them with their customer onboarding solutions that have been proven to work for many large-scale enterprises. Our pool of trained Giggers (telecalling agents) from all across the world along with automated workflows added a smart touch to the enterprise’s growth strategy.

We worked closely with them to understand their challenges, identify gaps in current processes and estimated the scale of operations required to assist the enterprise as per their plan.


GigIndia appointed 200+ Giggers (for customer onboarding) from various demographics and geographies to achieve immediate targets for our partner enterprise. Furthermore, each of our Giggers was intensively trained on trading jargon, trading process and our partner enterprise’s application to ensure smooth communication between the consumers and our agents.

Along with the guarantee of proven scripts, the manager from the partner enterprise was given full access to GigIndia’s live dashboard to scale the program and have regular updates. Intrigued by our flexible and remote working model with tech-based accuracy, the enterprise elevated the program by 2X to onboard more customers.


  • Recorded customer interactions
  • In-depth voice analytics to gauge customer’s sentiments
  • Categorising customer’s requests as high, medium and low
  • Personalised follow-ups and empathetic voice-score
  • Ample support throughout the account opening process


1. Within 2 quarters, the number of customers onboarded per month grew by 3X

2. 30% increase in account activation (first transaction) within 6 months

3. The average number of calls made by each Gigger per day increased by 2X

4. Telecalling QC score (connected calls, positive conversations) improved from 65% to 80%

With GigIndia’s AI+Human cloud of managed resources, the trading app was able to onboard customers successfully at a very face pace.

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