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These lead qualification requisites will speed up your sales process by up to 30%

Maximise leads conversion from MQL to SQL to scale business faster.

An important step in sales is determining the quality of a potential lead and their position in the customer journey. Once you have this information, a systematic lead qualification program can make the transformation of Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL) into Sales Qualified Leads (SQL) simple. To ensure this, it is important to first identify & track leads categorically- who has signed up on your website, who has replied back on your emailers or signed up for a product demo- the next round of identifying quality prospects involves finding out about the industry size, requirements, purchasing power, their interest in your solution and the intent. Once they pass through your ICP (ideal customer profile) filter, you can segment your leads into unqualified, and MQL. Then, you can have targeted communication to guide them down to the bottom of the sales funnel to become SQL.

Journey of quality leads in your funnel:

1. MQL- Marketing qualified leads

Marketing-qualified Leads are already aware of your product and services because of your promotional activities/campaigns. ( And they are aligned to the ICP defined by you. There is a high chance of these leads to get converted). To capture the attention and trust of your MQLs, ensure to engage with them via multiple user interactions, including email requests, live chat responses or automated email campaigns. MQLs already have some sort of affinity for your brand and they are eager to learn more, so it is the responsibility of the marketing team to guide them.

2. SQL- Sales qualified leads

Sales-qualified leads are almost ready to purchase from you. To successfully qualify an SQL, it is important to:

  • Developing an appropriate case study for your proposed solution
  • Determining whether your first point of contact (POC) can facilitate a final sales decision
  • Identifying the needs of the customer that your product/service can meet
  • Framing a timeline for the customer to make a purchasing decisio

With these capabilities, your sales team will be better equipped to get those prospects into the negotiation phase and then into the purchase.

Lead qualification checklist: Are you doing it right?

Your lead qualification guidelines will let you focus on each prospect of your sales funnel diligently. To ensure this, it is critical that you segment your audience right:

  • Create an Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)- Understand your target group diligently and define the demographic, behavioural traits of customers who are most likely to purchase your product/services and whom you want to leverage to maximize growth. Keep an eye on these traits in leads and map them with ICP strictly to filter whom you want to engage the most.
  • Evaluate their needs- Understand and analyze what matters most to your prospect and whether or not your product/service will help them. Ultimately, you need to be sure that you have something concrete to offer which they are looking for.
  • Understand their decision-making capabilities- Discover who else is involved with your customers in their purchasing decision and how you can influence them to associate with you. This way, you can narrow down the most relevant practices for creating a purchase intent with personalised communication.

A structured lead qualification process enables the sales team to close more prospects with less manual effort. Today, most of the short-term operations can be automated and outsourced; building a great lead qualification program frees up more resources for your sales team to use in converting the qualified leads into active customers.

How to manage MQLs to ensure maximized SQLs :

  • Setup processes to engage with MQLs efficiently (give them personalized experience)
  • Pass MQLs to Sales team for further processes
  • Nurture the leads even after Sales team disqualifies them. They can be future SQLs

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