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User onboarding for SaaS enterprise: Streamlining it right with personalized communication

Building a compelling onboarding experience for the users starts from the very first demonstration. Are you doing it right?

Customer onboarding is an opportunity for any SaaS enterprise to gain trust of their users. In the age of digital transformation, most of the do-it-yourself based models are prevalent- however there may be occasions where the users expect minor hand-holding. If neglected, it can result in an initial bad experience for customers.

A study shows that around 25% users leave an application just after the first trial because of little or no support. Another study suggests around 81% of customers try to look for answers related to a software before reaching out to the customer support center.

While a SaaS enterprise may be equipped with the latest technology and virtual assistance that have access to the most complex information in the world, it is not guaranteed that it is prepared to answer every question raised by a potential customer at the expected time. Here are a few of the prerequisites to level up onboarding experience of every user you acquire:

1. Quick turn-around time- An occupied schedule disallows most users to patiently wait for response from the support center. They expect a quick response to their queries and most of these arouse during the trial period itself.

2. Trained onboarding team- The onboarding executive must be well-informed about the requirements of the users. To ensure this, it is important to have impeccable research and data-driven analysis before the onboarding steps up.

3. Detailed demonstration- First demonstration is absolutely a make or break step since it offers a lot of scope for the users to understand the overall functionality of any software. However, it can also prove to be immediately repulsive if the discussion is not productive. Any lag during the demonstration can give a misleading impression to the users who may be on the verge of buying the service.

4. Appropriate documentation- Once a customer gives a go-ahead, the onboarding team needs to be on their toes. Customers do not want to wait for too long for obvious reasons once they are thorough with the nitty gritties of the service provider and have agreed to pay. Thereby, faster documentation, cross-team management etc. become utterly crucial.

Streamline customer onboarding with GigIndia

GigIndia takes customer onboarding a notch further with technical workflows and gig-based customer onboarding executives. With GigIndia’s trained, certified gig workforce backed by AI-based calling infra and deal management, enterprises can:

  1. Reduce T.A.T by 30%
  2. Scale demo frequency by 3X
  3. Have 2X faster onboarding documentation collation and processing
  4. Scale ROI by 40% with a 100% pay-per-result onboarding team

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