GigLabs Update 4/19/2018


The alpha for GigApps is in full swing. We have onboarded most of the alpha customers and the two alpha development teams. Each project is small enough in scope for teams to complete in a one to two week sprint.

Projects for the GigApps alpha are focused on the insurance, medical, and drone technology fields. They will be developed by our two blockchain development teams. These projects are being staggered over the next few weeks, with a mid-May completion target.

Prior to the start of these alpha projects, we ran a test alpha project internal to GigLabs, meant to validate the concepts of GigApps and work through any bugs in the application. This internal project, titled CryptoRome, is the start of a blockchain-based game consisting of unique digital assets.


CryptoRome is the first product developed exclusively using the GigApps platform. We are excited about the CryptoRome project, because it will show the true potential of the GigApps platform. And here’s the best part — CryptoRome will be the first blockchain-based game that does not require owners and players to use Metamask and have deep familiarity in blockchain to participate.

So how will GigApps be used to develop the game?

GigLabs is funding the initial development of CryptoRome. This initial stage is a crowdsale for the digital assets that are used for game play (i.e. the in-game land). The crowdsale will give us quick and immediate validation that this is a blockchain game people actually want to play.

If the crowdsale goal is not reached, everyone who contributed will have their money refunded, and we move on with the validated lessons from the project.

However, if the crowdsale goal is achieved, the money raised will be input into the GigApps marketplace to fuel the game’s development (the game would run on both web and on mobile devices). Whoever takes part in the crowdsale will receive their land shortly after the crowdsale and will have the ability to provide ideas and input into the development direction of the game (or games) built around the digital assets. Simply put, the community has input on game functionality and features. All development and how funds are spent on game development and features are visible to the community. GigApps makes this all possible.

By utilizing GigApps, the community will have complete transparent visibility into the project. In addition, developers who want to build something revolutionary will have the opportunity to participate in the development of this game (and get paid!) by joining one of the GigApps teams.

Stay tuned for more exciting developments on this project over the next few weeks as we release more details. Sign up for the land pre-sale at

GigApps is a decentralized blockchain development platform that utilizes smart contracts and freelancer teams to work on projects as they are funded on the platform. For more about GigApps and the GigLabs team, please visit us at