Dunkirk: Is it a Masterpiece?

What I think about the movie

I love things in sets of the letter C and H. I love Chocolate and Chicken. I love History and Harry Styles. So watching Dunkirk was a natural progression. I am a huge fan of One Direction and I was eager to see how Harry has done outside of his singing career.

But I’m not going to give a biased opinion about the movie simply because of its cast. I love history too, remember? I’m trying to put forth my points that I felt Christopher Nolan has tried to convey from the movie.

The movie Dunkirk is not precisely accurate when it comes to history. However I am in awe of the way the story line is put forth. The Mole, The Sea and the Air was a very nice way of showcasing 3 different POVs to the audience. The Mole depicted the sturggle of the 400,000 stranded soldiers and the Air was about those brave RAF fighters who were trying to protect the troops from above. The third perspective however left my heart feeling warm. The way locals reacted to go forth and get their troops back from a war zone was where the tagline of the movie hit, “400,000 Men Couldn’t Get Home, So Home Came For Them.”

The movie highlighted the true meaning and harsh truth about survival. Unlike movies in the similar genre, I am glad it didn’t step into the bloody arena and stumbled upon the inevitable death which lurks about till the end. It gave a positive perspective about surviving. Surviving must have been more difficutlt for the troops than we can ever imagine. This movie makes us feel a glimpse of what it must have been; to be able to see home but not make it there. To get on a ship homebound and having to evacuate it after getting hit by the Luftwaffe. Food was scarce, hope was scarce, energy was scarce and all of that culminates to something very beautiful- the power of unity. The strong feeling of pride that people back in Britain harbour for the troops does make your eyes ‘sweat.’ It is overwhelming to see all the civilian ferry ships heading into war to bring back the troops. Such support was their real strength, the light at the end of the tunnel.

The plan to get the troops back to England was to get them first to Dunkirk on the coast of France. It must have been heartbreaking to be able to see home but not make it there. But Unity won and when 400,000 Men Couldn’t Get Home, Home Came For Them.

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