5 Problems faced by artists and their solutions

Struggles and rejections are common experiences faced by any artist across the globe. First struggling to develop a unique music album and then knocking on the doors of several record companies with documents and creative in hand, the life of an artist is nothing less but difficult and almost a dream to get accomplished.

A few bumps on the road is a must and it is frustrating when certain companies or websites delay your meetings to at least listen to your album. However, there always is a solution for everything and to help one achieve their goal, even if it is in the creative field. Maybe many solutions or maybe little, taking care of certain points can help one solve a number of problems.

1 . Band Members:

Unless you are a group of friends with the same ideology and goal, finding the ideal band members can be a pain in the ass. Managing and scheduling live gigs after carefully finalizing the types of music to perform requires calm and friendly minds. So, a compromising and supportive nature should be seen in every member, especially when you are out to find from the crowd.

2 . No Response:

You must understand that this isn’t something only you are undergoing. There is nothing to be disappointed here because the best is yet to come. Almost every band you see today have gone through this and with a lot of patience, they have succeeded to be approached by the right labels that have pumped them to give a right start.

Yes, one step you can take to get quick responses is to ensure that your demo CD or website has only your best work at least on priority so that any company you approach attain a good impression and keep you in consideration.

3. Taking Risks:

When nothing positive is seen ahead, many artists tend to take the risk to approach and perform in any platform they think is wise. If lucky, this may turn out to be a great turn in his career. But many a times, such a step can bring an artist to nothing but loss if he and his band are unable to manage the gig or collect a desirable amount of money from the manager.

It is never a bad option to take risks, but one should always do so by first consulting an experienced or after doing a complete research on the many venues available so as to fix the right platform.

4. Social Media:

You may very well know about the power of Social Media. It can either help you climb the ladder of success in seconds, or give you a fall that will leave you shattered. When you turn to social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, ensure that you post only necessary information that can help you with your career. Posting irrelevant details can annoy your audience which can gradually lead to less or no followers after a while.

5. An Empty Room:

When you are all ready for your live gig and are prepared to hit the stage, but see that the number of people as audience are less than expectation, do not lose heart. It isn’t necessary that every person visits a café or bar for a beer or two every day. You must be careful to pick the right venue and successfully sign a contract to perform on days when the crowd is triple in size, such as the weekends.