A dream of an Artist is to get more #shares #likes & #subscribers

Let me share a story when I made a rock band in my class 11th. I went to many malls in Lucknow asking for a show or a gig. I got rejected every place I visited after that I somehow managed not to loose hope. One fine day I went to KFC and suddenly an idea popped up in my mind that “why not ask for a gig from the manager?” I did the same and the manager said okay we will let you play over here but we will not be able to pay you anything instead we can provide you food in return, I said “Great” and we started preparing for it.

And that’s how I got my first gig but the point to remember is that I agreed on NO PAYMENT. Time passed my band became one of the famous band in Lucknow by the name Destination. A problem was still there no payments or sometimes less than what was promised by our clients. These problems led to a low acceptance of music in my family and not to choose music as a career.

Why every time an artist has to suffer whether its money, contract, business or anything else?

I personally think many bands and artist have faced and are facing these kinds of problems in their life. One should respect talent whether it’s in any form that is what we call humanity. Nowadays artist is posting their videos on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter etc but the ground reality is same no gigs with full payment probability. Another big problem is event companies or event organizers are searching for the right talent and right talent is not able to meet them. I know the platforms which I mentioned earlier have changed the world a lot but then also if an artist is ready to give his or her best why he or she is not able to get a reasonable amount from live shows. Live entertainment is a different ball game. There is a need of platform which can solve these problems.

We need to change our thinking and start contributing and sharing the local artists.

A dream of an Artist is to get more shares, likes & subscribers