Don’t be predictive

It’s my birthday and today I have realized something that everyone will try to change you. It’s just that how you accept that change. If you think that, the change was right for you then only you will try to change otherwise you’ll not. I personally think that if someone is trying to change you for anything that means you are not right in his or her say of righteousness.

“Thoughts” what are they? My girlfriend told me that the one who writes a big status on social networking sites are the one who has thoughts, I want to know where I was wrong if I don’t share long status. Thinking and evolution of thoughts are what I find humans are good at. So where I am wrong.

Live in the moment, don’t be predictive

Be a molecule which has an infinite power and randomness. I laughed with many that are not what binds me from any person, I share a bond of reality only with whom I have shared peace. Sometimes in your life, you’ll run from everything searching the new you. I think that is the beginning of the new. Your mind will find peace only when what you want and love is happening around you, only your favorable things are going on.

I think friends, family, love, and lust are the distraction. Life is not just defined by getting a house having a job and eating food, I think life can be defined as a whole concept of earth and every creature you have seen during your life.

Don’t predict, live the moment, find a place to answer your own questions of life. Don’t teach just share.

Right now I am thinking what I am writing but I can’t stop myself from writing. I am responsible for everything in my life I mean everything I know it and I accept it but when someone tries to teach me my own learning’s then I say WTF?

So don’t teach unless you are a teacher your teachings can affect the other living. Share but don’t teach, experiences are the best teacher. Let your experience say your word of wisdom.

Let your mind relax then only you can work effectively. Find a word which gives you relaxation except money. Repeat the word until you find the reason behind why this word makes you feel relax and then apply the chain rule and reproduce your word limit.

Be a molecule or find the least building block then only you can build your own empire.

I might be wrong also so don’t follow just listen to your heart