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“Weirdism is definitely the cornerstone of many an artist’s career”

— E.A. Bucchianeri

A creative mind shouldn’t go into waste, but this competitive world fails to dig out many such talents. While many people aim to go for competitive exams to crack a seat for the best university, followed by again cracking interviews for reputed MNCs across the globe, there are several such artists who take the other path of building their own fame and reputation. The life of a music artist isn’t as easy as one sees while they perform on stage. The various ups and downs they experience in the form of developing ideas, approaching companies, facing rejections and many more are many a times hidden from the world.

In the present date, if we talk only about India, the number of artists struggling to meet their aim is numerous. Whether you blame the lack of facilities, platform or even time, it is unfair for such talents to go into waste and never get the chance to be recognized. Imagine the loss even a society faces to not being able to listen to musicians who boast unique talents and also their attempts to introduce the world to a hidden culture! Keeping in mind all these struggles and frustrations an artist faces, especially in India, GiGlue was introduced to keep these troubles at bay and help a struggling artist reach his goal.

We believe that it is unfair for so many artists in India not getting the right platform to showcase their talent to their audience. We define ourselves as, “An ecosystem for music lovers, event organizers & record labels to explore, listen & book an artist.” We are that platform every artist looks for in order to find a path to perform in front of their audience, receive popularity for their brand, earn reputation and of course connect with their audience and fans all over the country. To give you a better insight into our specialization, here are the three categories of people we work for:

  1. Music Lover:

Be it any genre of music you love or wish to explore more of it, GiGlue acts a platform to help you listen to them and also receive an opportunity to buy merchandise, post your own gig and much more under a single roof!

2. Event Organizer:

If you are an event organizer, but aren’t getting a platform to help hire artists for gigs, then we can help you with the same. We will explore the best option for you, listen to your needs, book the best artist in town and advertise your brand digitally.

3. Record Label:

Finding right talent isn’t easy, but we at GiGlue have the experience and ideas to scout out the best! Our team will get an artist based completely on your demands and ensure that you are satisfied with the services on offer.